Used in Hospitals, Hospices, Long-term care facilities, and Private practices.

Endorsed by The American Holistic Nurses Association.

Biofield Therapy is an emerging treatment that offers healing on many levels.

Simple, Safe, and Effective

Biofield Therapy is a relaxation-based energy therapy in which gentle touch assists the balancing of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s physiology. It works with the biofield (biological energy field) to support one’s natural healing abilities. It is safe for all ages and works as a complement to traditional medicine.




Biofield Therapy Benefits

Emerging scientific studies show the capability for biofield therapies to assist in pain, stress, and migraine management. What’s more? Cortisol stability, deep relaxation, and decreased need for pharmaceuticals, are good reasons scientists around the world are taking interest in this complementary treatment approach.




Complete Balance!

The popularity of biofield therapy is increasing because it has the capability to treat many ailments that have perplexed traditional medical practitioners.

Biofield Therapies treat the whole person, and can restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance to your entire system offering “complete wellness.”

Frequently Asked Questions 

Biofield Therapy Explained



Safe and Effective.

Stress, accidents, pharmaceuticals, and surgery can separate the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of what makes us whole. Biofield therapy brings all components back together and in harmony. When our biofield is balanced, our physiology just works better. 



“When your biofield is clear and balanced, you remember how to heal yourself.”