David-Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP), Biofield Therapy Specialist.

Reclining: approximately 60 min to balance upper/lower aspects of the biofield. Starting at $80.00

Seated: approximately 30 min to relieve/restore the head, neck, and upper body. Starting at $40.00

Migraine Relief: approximately 45-60 min to remove and restructure migraine patterns to relieve common migraine symptoms. Starting at $80.00

Fibromyalgia Relief: A relaxing 45-60 min therapy that helps relieve muscle/joint pain, fatigue, depression, and brain fog by restructuring the associated energy patterns. Starting at $80.00.

Wellness Reset: A unique 45-60 min treatment that will identify and remove stressful energy patterns that are clouding your biofield. This will restore one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and leave one energized, relaxed, and refreshed from head to toe. Starting at $80.00

Non-Local Treatment: A customized treatment that will identify and treat blocks in your biofield. This will help balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the biofield leaving you relaxed and energized. Starting at $80.00


Treatment Includes:

Biofield assessment 

Biofield clearing 

Biofield balancing

Session documentation.

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